happiness is…

Even the most upbeat person has their off days. And although I like to think of myself as a positive person (at least most of the time), I’ve experienced a few low days over the past week. However I got up on Sunday determined to do something that would make me feel better, explore. I love going to new places and experiencing things for the first time. Continue reading


the art of doing your thang

When I was younger, going to the arcade was one of my favorite things to do with my family. But like most, I could never master the illusive claw machine. You put all your coins (and faith) into a contraption that really doesn’t give a damn if giving you a rubber ball will make you cry, because you really wanted a stuffed monkey. But what you don’t realize as a kid is that sometimes the ball is what you really wanted all along. But somewhere along the way, you stop going to the arcade. That’s when you start getting serious about your “future” and subject yourself to the proverbial claw machine that is life. Continue reading

the never-ending concert saga

I am a music lover. I like to think that I inherited it from my dad, among other things (e.g. sense of humor, love of basketball, a very loud laugh, etc.). He always played music around the house and as much as my mother hated it, I loved it. This traveled over into my college life because I am always playing music (literally ALWAYS), and would rather be at a concert than anywhere else. I have been lucky enough to have attended many concerts over this year, and I was able to add another one to my list. Continue reading

home, hibachi, and other general concerns

Recently, I got the opportunity to go home for the weekend. Since I celebrated my birthday at college (I go to school four hours away from home), I wanted the chance to be able to have a separate celebration with my parents and brothers. Every time I return home, I learn an new set of lessons. However I always keep them to myself, because of my general quiet nature. But, I’ve decided that I am going to share this trip’s lessons here. Continue reading