things we should always be working on

I recently stumbled upon this Thought Catalog post titled ‘100 Worthwhile Things You Should Always Be Working On‘, and it got me thinking about what things I wanted to always be working on. I made a list of ten really good ones, some that I thought of on my own and some that I really liked from the original post. I like having lists like this, I feel like they make us more accountable for our everyday. So here is my list of things I am going to constantly work on. Continue reading


let it snow.

Snow is pretty magical, and not just because it has the power to get us out of having to go to school or do work. It does a lot more for us than we realize. This week has been pretty hard for me. Dealing with the stresses of school and just life in general, has left me feeling worn down. When we are tested, we see what kind of people we truly are. I knew that with all the things that were going on, I had to take time for myself, and get off campus for a day. Continue reading

oh, the places you’ll go.

In 1990, Dr. Seuss wrote a book titled Oh, the Places You’ll Go. It tells about our capacity to do great things in life, despite all obstacles. I was introduced to this book by one of my roommates, who swears that it is her favorite book ever. Now I have to admit I was skeptical, because I could hardly believe that a children’s book could be that great. But I was surprised at how even in his own funky way, Dr. Seuss knew exactly how to connect with everyone’s struggles. Continue reading