the calm after the storm.

I haven’t written in a long time, and I figure I should explain. This isn’t like the time I had writer’s block and didn’t have any ideas or material to write. No, actually I’ve been fortunate enough to have been constantly inspired over these past few weeks. But this time, I chose not to write so I could give myself a chance to figure out what I truly want to say. And now, I think I’m ready. Continue reading


lost girl.

Out of all of the stories I was told when I was a kid, I think I disagreed with Peter Pan the most. I never understood why someone would want to stay a kid forever. I mean yeah, if I could fly, live on an island with my friends, and have magical pixie dust, I would consider it. But I didn’t have that stuff, so I couldn’t wait to get older. To me, Peter Pan and the lost boys just seemed extremely misguided. But now? Now I think I’m the misguided one. I’ve been thinking a lot lately. It’s got me feeling like I’m on shaky ground. Continue reading