Governors Island

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to explore. So many times we think that if we haven’t bought a plane ticket to some far off place, that there is no adventure to be had. Well I’m here to say you’re wrong. Adventure lurks in all of the places you’ve never been, not just the ones in distant countries.

A couple weekends ago, I ventured to Governors Island for the first time. For those of you who don’t know where (or what) that is, Governors Island is an 172 acre island near Brooklyn and the southern tip of Manhattan. It used to be an old military base for the Army and the Coast Guard, and then was turned into a giant park/tourist attraction in 2003.


After taking the train to the South Ferry station, you endure the shortest ferry ride in history (it was a grand total of five minutes) and then you are there.




Once there, I was amazed first at how big it was. Despite being there for a whole day, my family and I only explored one side of the island! Since it was my first time there, we went into the information center to learn more about the island.



There was even a wall for visitors to put their thoughts about the island, life, you name it. I couldn’t resist adding my two cents.



The reason we were there in the first place is because my mom is determined to have an outdoor family picnic every Sunday, for the whole summer. So once we finished with the information center, we walked further into the island to find a place to set up our picnic. It was absolutely beautiful, and we soon found a grassy area to sit.



Throughout the island, there are random art pieces scattered around. Red chairs, lone door frames, old carpets, bent paper clips. The pieces give you are mystical kind of vibe. This is one of my favorites.


Because Governors Island was built so long ago, a lot of the existing buildings have an older architecture. Most of the buildings had a rustic brick vibe, which just added to the island’s cool aesthetic.


After our picnic, we continued to walk around. We found a giant playground, which my younger brother absolutely loved. We also found foodtrucks and vendors, and perhaps the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted in my life.



I’m serious. This was the best cookies and cream ice cream I’ve ever had. YOU MUST TRY BLUE MARBLE IF YOU ARE EVER IN BROOKLYN.


And as if this Island couldn’t get any better, there was a hammock garden. Yes, it is exactly as it sounds. A grass area with at least 15 relaxing red hammocks, surrounded by grass and barriers to keep it hidden from plain sight. You’ll have to search a bit for it, but it is worth the wait.



Overall, it was such a good day, and such a good trip. I love that I was able to spend a day away from home, immersing myself in things I had never seen before. I’m excited to spend every weekend exploring another new part of my city.

Until next time, happy travel/summer vibes everyone. 🌼


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