Brooklyn Bridge Park

It’s no secret that I love Brooklyn. I mean, I really love it. It’s hands down my favorite borough in New York, and that’s saying a lot considering I live in Manhattan. So whenever I get a chance to explore a new part of Brooklyn, I’m in. I recently got a chance to venture over to Brooklyn Bridge Park, when I was spending the day with my aunt. Once there, you are immediately face to face with the underside of the Brooklyn Bridge. GAH, it’s beautiful. Look at it. Just. Look. At. It.



Sorry. Brooklyn makes me excited.

Anyways, it was amazing. You can walk along the piers, you can sit in the grass, and there are the most amazing areas by the water to take pictures.





I loved it so much, that I went back with my mom and my brothers a few weeks later. While there, we had one of the most scenic picnics ever as we admired the Brooklyn Bridge while we ate.


ALSO… there is ice cream. Correction, the BEST ice cream you will ever taste. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is amazing, and I instantly fell in love. Not only does it look so picturesque but it tastes like HEAVEN with Oreo pieces on top.




Conclusion, if I fall anymore in love with Brooklyn, I might die. Second conclusion, everyone should go to Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Until next time, friends. xx 


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