“light the way”



the first year. 

I’ve gone vegetarian three times in my life. The first time was when I was in the third grade. My best friend  was a vegetarian and loved to lecture me about how everything I chose to put in my mouth was once a furry and defenseless creature. Seeing as how I was so young, I chock my decision to become a vegetarian up to peer pressure, and a general refusal to hurt any cute animals. However my crusade to save the animals only lasted a week, because my father was upset that I kept throwing away any food given to me with meat in it.

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my happy place.

There is serenity in having a favorite place. Somewhere you go where everything makes sense, and you can’t help but feel happy. When I was younger, my favorite place used to be this arcade that my parents would take my brother and I to. It was about an hour long drive away from our house, so they didn’t take us there all the time. But when they did, it was so special and filled me with such excitement. This was no ordinary arcade, it had mini golf, go-karts, laser tag, food, and a movie theater. To my ten year old self, this place was what I imagined heaven to be like. Continue reading

lost girl.

Out of all of the stories I was told when I was a kid, I think I disagreed with Peter Pan the most. I never understood why someone would want to stay a kid forever. I mean yeah, if I could fly, live on an island with my friends, and have magical pixie dust, I would consider it. But I didn’t have that stuff, so I couldn’t wait to get older. To me, Peter Pan and the lost boys just seemed extremely misguided. But now? Now I think I’m the misguided one. I’ve been thinking a lot lately. It’s got me feeling like I’m on shaky ground. Continue reading